Gospel for Asia (GFA World) provides details on mission work, missionaries, and missionary groups through FAQs and significant information.

Missionary FAQs

National missionary workers are individuals who tirelessly devote their lives to serving marginalized, impoverished communities and sharing the love of Christ. Through their unwavering dedication and deep compassion, they bring about transformative change and inspire hope in places often unreached and overlooked. This quick introductory article highlights the remarkable stories of three of them: Taj, Marty, and Rainer, shining a light on the invaluable contributions of all national missionaries to spreading the Good News, and emphasizing the importance of supporting and partnering with them in their mission.

Providing clean water, Jesus Wells demonstrate Jesus’ love and fulfill communities’ practical needs.

Taj’s Journey of Medical Missions and Clean Water Initiatives

Taj’s mission takes him to remote islands, where he and his team provide critical healthcare services to communities with limited access to medical care. Overcoming numerous obstacles, Taj’s faith and compassion drive him forward, and his team’s child sponsorship program brings education and hope to children who previously had no access to schooling. Also, recognizing the dire need for safe, unpolluted water, Taj and his team drill Jesus Wells, providing clean and safe drinking water to thousands of islanders. In just two years, their commitment and perseverance have brought new hope to many communities, and transformed countless lives.

Every morning, Pastor Marty engages with residents, prays, and seeks to show Jesus’ love through practical means in South Asia.

Marty’s Transformative Children’s Ministry in a South Asia Slum

Born and raised in a South Asia slum, Marty understands the hardships and struggles faced by the families and their children. Driven by a deep sense of empathy and a desire to make a difference, Marty and his wife, Prina, dedicate themselves to serving the community. Through daily prayer walks, Marty intercedes for each individual by name, along with showing genuine care and compassion in practical ways. As one example, Marty has launched two child sponsorship initiatives, providing opportunities for people of means to help bring hope to children trapped in extreme and enduring poverty. Marty’s transformational children’s ministry serves as a beacon of light, offering practical assistance, encouragement, and spiritual guidance to families with kids in need.

GFA national worker Rainer utilizes his bicycle to show Christ’s love by assisting communities, churches, and fellow workers.

Rainer’s Impactful Service on Two Wheels

Rainer’s story exemplifies the role of bicycles in national missionary work. Longing to reach remote villages that were beyond walking distance, Rainer fervently prayed for a bicycle. Through the generosity of donors, his prayers were answered, and he received a bicycle that became an instrument of hope and transformation. Rainer’s bicycle not only enables him to visit ten distant villages but also serves as a makeshift ambulance, transporting sick villagers to nearby clinics. His dedication and resourcefulness demonstrate the immense impact a simple means of transportation can have in reaching communities with God’s love, and providing much-needed assistance to people with desperate needs.

The work of national missionary workers cannot thrive without the support and partnership of others. Individuals can make a meaningful impact by supporting and/or sponsoring a national missionary. Whether through financial contributions, prayer support, or active involvement, partnering with these dedicated workers strengthens their efforts and amplifies their impact. By sponsoring national missionaries, individuals become catalysts for change, enabling these workers to continue their vital work and bring hope to those in desperate need.

The stories of Taj, Marty, and Rainer embody the spirit and dedication of national missionary workers. Their unwavering commitment, compassion, and faith drive them to bring God’s hope, healing, and transformation to marginalized communities. These stories serve as powerful reminders of the profound impact that can be made when individuals come together to support and empower national missionaries.

By joining hands and partnering with these remarkable individuals, we can collectively make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most, spreading Good News and God’s love to the farthest corners of the world.

Missionaries in Africa

GFA World has forty years of missions experience, and we’ve recently felt led to expand and train missionaries in Africa to be national missionaries. Africa is a land bursting with possibility; 1.4 billion people live across its 54 countries with varied terrains, peoples and cultures.

Charities that Help Widows

There is a group of women who need special care and attention but often find themselves marginalized and ignored: widows. Charities that help widows understand the myriad of difficult situations women find themselves in once their spouses die. From cultural assumptions to legislative restrictions, widows are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world.

Disaster Relief Organizations

Disaster relief organizations are essential for quick response in areas impacted by earthquakes, fires, floods and other emergency situations. When these events occur, how do you pick a trusted organization to support? Here are some questions you can ask, followed by the answer from GFA World, a trusted disaster relief organization in South Asia and parts of Africa.