Disaster Relief Organizations

What Are Some Important Disaster Relief Donations?

When an emergency strikes, disaster relief donations are crucial to meeting the needs of the people who are impacted. Relief is essential whether it’s a weather-related disaster, a destructive fire, or a wartime event. Organizations use these donations from generous people to meet crucial needs in the areas that are impacted.

Here are some key donations that are very helpful in relief situations:

Response Money – Monetary donations are very crucial to getting quick relief supplies into impacted regions. Sometimes, ministries must wait for donations to arrive before work begins. These donations are often used for food, water, shelter, clothes and other essential needs.[1]

Preparation Donations – When donors give to relief organizations during calm times, those ministries can be more prepared when disaster strikes. Organizations very much appreciate proactive giving because when needed action can be taken more quickly since money is already waiting.[2]

Volunteer Yourself – Volunteers are an important part of disaster relief. Whether it is sitting next to survivors and showing compassion or fixing the infrastructure of a village, volunteers are important. Special skills like construction skills, medical knowledge or electrical experience are sometimes necessary.[3]

Prayer – Pray for God to bless the efforts of the workers who are on the frontlines and those helping in other ways.

  • Pray for God to grant safety for volunteers and workers as they go into the hardest-hit areas, risking danger and injury.
  • Pray also for comfort for the people impacted. Many lose homes, possessions or loved ones—suffering physically and emotionally. Pray for them to know peace and love.
  • Pray for discernment for the relief teams. May God help them have clear communication and organization. Pray for good logistics.
  • Pray for health for survivors and volunteers. Disease spreads quickly in disaster areas, especially flooded regions.
  • Pray for local authorities as they organize and direct the relief efforts. These local authorities bear a lot of the burdens and have often suffered loss themselves. May God grant them wisdom and clear thinking.
  • Pray for faith-based relief organizations like GFA World. Pray that survivors will see God’s love exhibited through the volunteers and pastors who are helping.

However you choose to donate, understand that you are appreciated and that the work cannot happen without faithful donors. Donations are crucial. We encourage you to give today so that GFA has the funding necessary when the next disaster occurs.

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