Gospel for Asia (GFA World):
Celebrating God’s faithfulness for 40 Years

Gospel for Asia (GFA World), founded by KP Yohannan more than 40 years ago, ministers to the oppressed across Asia with clean water, child sponsorship, and education.

After more than 40 years of taking the love of Christ to people who have never heard of Him, KP Yohannan reflects on some of the things the Lord has done through the GFA family. With God’s faithfulness firmly in mind, he shares his dream for the future – to rescue at least 500,000 children from hopelessly desperate conditions and to introduce them to the eternal love and steadfast hope found only in Jesus.

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Gospel for Asia – Celebrating God’s Faithfulness
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I’m here to invite you to join us as we celebrate the 40 years of this incredible journey with our Lord with one goal in mind, taking the love of Christ to people that never heard that before. I was barely 29 with my wife, Gisela, we felt this is what the Lord was calling us to do with the support and prayers of the body of Christ, we just obeyed that and today as I look back I am absolutely amazed. That is really an understatement of the year I think.

When I think about the 15,000 plus well-run local congregations in over 16 nations, and over 70,000 children that we rescued from the streets, and slums, and from begging, now there are in schools studying with a great future. And the hundreds of women that we were able to rescue from red-light districts and the children school, radio broadcasting in a 110 languages listened by multiplying millions of people hearing there is hope for healing of the sin and to overcome death.

And today, I must say this to you, I really mean it, without your prayers and without your help and support, I don’t think any of these things could have been possible. Yeah, God can do anything He wants do, but he always uses the human element. And then too I am amazed, really amazed, by the kindness, the mercy, the large heart, and in the trust of thousands and thousands of precious people like you that join their hands with us and as a family we are able to see so much happen. My dream, to rescue at least 500,000 children from such tragedy and to life on the streets. And this will happen, and together we will do it.

And someday, someday, when we stand before the Lord, I am certain, you will rejoice and have no regret for all that we do, prayers, giving, and whatever, to change our world. And we are grateful for 40 years of this amazing journey. And you are part of it.

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