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With the ever-expanding population of people in poverty in Asia and Africa, the need for helping the poor and bringing hope and Jesus’ love is growing day by day. GFA World (formerly Gospel for Asia) is involved in sharing the love of Christ through national missionaries who focus on meeting practical needs and providing solutions to poverty within impoverished communities.

For GFA, sharing the love of Christ starts with a cup of fresh water provided to someone dying of thirst; or a bag of life-saving food to a starving family, or a free medical exam to someone who’s sick from toilet poverty, or a sewing machine to a single-mom in need of a vocation. As we minister to families’ everyday needs, and show the love of Jesus in practical ways, people often request that we further share with them about God’s grace and good news.

Among disaster relief organizations in Asia, we help victims of natural disasters through our Compassion Services teams, reaching out to those affected by catastrophes such as floods, cyclones and tsunamis. We also serve in leprosy colonies, offer medical clinics in poor areas, provide well drilling solutions and access to clean water to people suffering from the global water crisis. We help widows and abandoned children in crisis situations like child slavery and provide for tangible needs like food, clothing and shelter, to offset the effects of poverty on child development. Inspired by Jesus’ love for the poor, we provide hope for children and help to impoverished kids, and adult literacy programs to families in generational poverty and their communities, to free them from persistent causes of poverty.

For over 40 years Gospel for Asia (a clean water charity and poverty organization) has brought aid and hope to some of the most downtrodden people in South Asia, especially those in a poverty mindset, suffering from water stress or water scarcity, or in need of adult literacy. And now, we are expanding into Rwanda with a ministry to kids in need, free medical care, and the anticipation of starting water projects in Africa soon.

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Partnering with a National Missionary, who already knows the culture and language, is one of the most effective ways to minister to villages waiting to know about God’s love. In addition, women missionaries and Sisters of Compassion have special roles in reaching female populations as well as under-served people living in slums and leper colonies.

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Gospel for Asia is a ministry founded on, committed to and sustained by the power of prayer. Learn more about how prayer is the foundation of our ministry. You will also have the opportunity to view prayer requests from South Asia.

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