What Are the Keys to Water Well Drilling in Asia?

Water well drilling in Asia is paramount to helping the poverty crisis in the continent. More than 150 million people in South Asia do not have clean water. They only have access to polluted water to drink or no water at all. These people regularly face waterborne illnesses, a direct result of drinking contaminated water.

Over two decades, GFA World has drilled more than 30,000 wells in needy villages across Asia, and we continue to drill around 4,000 new wells each year. The strategy is simple:

  • Use locals to drill the well as a way to keep costs down and stimulate the local economy.
  • Drill the well deep enough to allow water usage in the driest of months.
  • Maintain the well regularly using locals. In our case, a local church maintains the well.
  • Ensure that all people, regardless of race, religion, caste, etc., have access to the water well.

GFA’s wells are called Jesus Wells because they allow local churches to share Jesus’ love with their communities in a tangible way. They are also able to share about Jesus, the Living Water that is mentioned on the well’s plaque. By providing safe water—either by drilling a new well or maintaining existing wells—the church has a practical way to show communities how much God cares for all people!

GFA is active in these Asian communities, serving them through community development, literacy training, compassionate care for widows and leprosy patients, income-generating gifts, skills training, child sponsorship, educational opportunities, and more. We aim to help individuals and families holistically. At GFA, we care for the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

Giving toward a Jesus Well is one of the most efficient ways to provide clean water and good health to an entire village in Asia for years. Will you join us in this life-changing mission?