Can I Help Provide Access to Clean Water?

You can! We need people who are passionate about helping churches in developing countries provide access to clean water to those in their communities. In many developing countries, people walk miles to access clean water. Even then, sometimes the water is contaminated, causing many to succumb to waterborne illnesses. That’s why GFA World is committed to providing clean water wells to communities in South Asia and in Rwanda.

A donation of $1400 provides a well for a community up to 300 people, providing easily accessible water for drinking, cooking, and other household needs.

When you provide a well, you help to:

  • Rescue people from the risk of serious waterborne diseases.
  • Release women and children from water collection, which allows them to spend those hours working, raising their family, or going to school.
  • Improve people’s health as they stay hydrated.
  • Provide clean drinking water for approximately 20 years, the average life of the well.
  • Help a church minister in a tangible way to their community and show the love of Christ.

GFA Wells are called Jesus Wells because they are an illustration of how Jesus is the Living Water. He provides spiritual nourishment and a way for local churches to share His love with their communities.

Ragnar’s family of six struggled to find water. The closest source was a well a half-mile away. Oftentimes there were conflicts at the well when someone was considered inferior and cast aside. The water the people were fighting over wasn’t even clean, and Ragnar’s family was consistently sick from waterborne diseases. There wasn’t another option though, so Ragnar and his four kids continued drinking it. His kids missed a lot of school while sick.

Dabid, a GFA worker, was walking through Ragnar’s village and they met along the path. After hearing about the situation, Dabid began to pray for a clean water well for Ragnar’s community. Soon, his prayers were answered and a Jesus Well was drilled.

Now Ragnar and his family have access to free, clean drinking water near their home. They no longer struggle with waterborne illnesses. Their lives have been changed by the simple idea of clean water that is accessible to all!