Underprivileged Kids in South Asia Charity

Why Is It That, for Kids, South Asia Can Be Such a Rewarding but Challenging Place?

For kids, South Asia can be a promising place to live and thrive, but it has its challenges. For instance, one South Asian country is highly rural, and agriculture still dominates vast areas of this beautiful country. The culture is beautiful and historically rich. However, there is the susceptibility to natural disasters, such as floods and drought.

Poverty rates are improving in this South Asia country. Though poverty still grips 16.4 percent of its population, this is down 55.1 percent 17 years ago, as reported by the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2022 from the United Nations.[1] This is an incredible achievement worth celebrating. Yet, there is still work to be done.

Like elsewhere in Asia, children in this country sometimes find themselves in a situation where both their parents are working long, difficult hours. Even with all the parents’ hard work, however, the children may not be able to go to school because there just isn’t enough money. That can leave them home alone for extended hours, putting them at risk and stunting their future.

This is one of the reasons GFA World created its child sponsorship program. Too many impoverished parents in the areas where GFA serves have to decide between feeding their families and funding their children’s education. Even when they keep their children out of school in order to help the family financially, they may struggle to make ends meet. GFA workers look for children in need, who are not able to go to school, are dangerously unsupervised, or are barely surviving. They reach out to these families with care and concern to address these needs with practical solutions, such as the child sponsorship program.

A child sponsorship, just $35 a month, helps make sure the child can go to school, have the supplies they need for an education, and get assistance like nutritious food, clean water and medicar care. Program staff also help children catch up in their studies with tutoring and caring attention after school, when their parents are still working. Additionally, they often provide necessities like toiletries, as well as services for parents.

You can be the sponsor for one of these precious children for the small gift of $35 a month. You can choose from a number of wonderful kids ready to be sponsored, and ready to thrive in their family, community and world.

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[1] “Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2022.” United Nations Development Programme. October 17, 2022. https://hdr.undp.org/system/files/documents/hdp-document/2022mpireportenpdf.pdf.