Girls' Education

How Are GFA World Missionaries Promoting Girls’ Education?

Promoting girls’ education is the key to a lot of the issues involved in poverty. When girls are in school, it changes the statistics in many other areas, such as child marriage, child labor, literacy, abuse, infanticide, violence and trafficking. Girls’ education is a vital factor in the fight against poverty and breaking its cycle. So, how do we keep girls in school?

Promoting girls’ education is sometimes as easy as giving pigs. Yes, you read that correctly!

Kia, a widow in Asia, wondered how she could pay for her children’s education. She could hardly meet their basic needs, and paying for schooling was getting more challenging every year. A GFA pastor, however, saw Kia’s needs and wanted to find a way to help her. He would often purchase food and offer financial help to the family, but he had another idea for their long term provision.

The pastor gifted the family with two pigs. Kia was overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy. She knew God had provided for her. Kia and her children took good care of the pigs and soon those two pigs bred more piglets. When school season came around, Kia sold seven piglets and the proceeds completely paid for her children’s education fees.

Something as simple as a pair of pigs can make a life-changing difference in a family and their ability to consistently send their children to school. A gift of livestock can offer hope for a better future.

You can make a difference, too, by providing a gift for a family in need. Gifts like cows, bicycles and sewing machines show God’s love to families in poverty. One gift can have a huge impact—a lasting impact on families and one that ripples out into the community.

In fact, two pigs could keep a girl in school! Education is one key way to break the cycle of poverty.

Will you buy a pig for a family today?

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