Girls' Education

What Are Some Strategies to Educate Girls Globally?

Organizations worldwide use various strategies in the fight to educate girls globally, but there are several commonalities among them.

Here are a few common strategies:

Identify barriers – In many areas worldwide, school is simply too expensive for impoverished families, which excludes many children from attending. In other areas, the government provides free education, but families still have to provide supplies and uniforms. For many, that is not possible. Another barrier is lack of safety. Often, the long distances girls travel to school give ample opportunity for girls to be abused physically and sexually. Another barrier is a cultural misconception that education is for boys. When families only have enough money to send one or two children to school, they often pick the boys.

Assist families – Programs that help families afford education effectively remove the financial barrier many of them face. For example, GFA World provides educational help, tutoring, uniforms and other items needed for school through their child sponsorship program. This takes a significant financial burden off of families, enabling them to keep their children in school. Families are also helped with vocational training and income-generating gifts to empower parents to earn sustainable incomes.

Empower girls – When girls are given the freedom to hope and dream, futures are changed. In many communities, children in extreme poverty don’t know how to dream or hope. GFA sponsorship programs teach girls how to dream. Over time, worry is replaced with hope and joy, and girls can face the future with optimism.

Join GFA World in making the “impossible” possible in girls’ lives in Asia and Africa. You can sponsor a girl and show her that God loves her. Through your support, she can have hope for the future. Your assistance will provide essentials such as free medical check-ups, nutritious food, access to clean water, school supplies, uniforms and more. With these resources and your encouragement, your sponsored girl will know she is loved and can dream of the future—a future where she can help her family break the cycle of poverty.

Will you sponsor a girl today? Show her that she matters and can have a future filled with hope!

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