Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling

The demand for clean, safe water calls for well drilling. Many companies are involved in water well drilling to make a profit, but nonprofits like GFA World drill deep, efficient wells and provide free water for those most in need.

Water well drilling saves millions of lives. When organizations provide access to clean water, it prevents people from suffering from intestinal parasites or waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery and other diarrhea-causing illnesses, which can lead to malnutrition, blindness and even death.

Through deep well drilling, GFA offers Jesus Wells free of charge to the poorest communities.

Before GFA intervened and built a Jesus Well, malaria, typhoid, and other waterborne diseases were a fact of life for Mai and the other children in her community. Open wells, ponds and rivers were the only source of water their families had. But the water was contaminated with cow dung, rotting leaves and trash, and during summer droughts, the water supplies dried up.

Pastor Raffe began to pray for a Jesus Well. When the funds were provided and the village received its well, they rejoiced over their newfound life: They had clean water to drink, to wash produce and to water their cattle.

“For a long period of time … we were facing shortage of clean drinking water,” said Mai, who was about 13 when the Jesus Well was installed. “But at the right time, (the church) got a Jesus Well installed for us to have enough pure water for our needs.”

For the first time in their lives, the health of children and adults in the community improved. They saved money they previously had to spend on medical treatment. With new-found energy, they became more productive.

As their bodies strengthened, so too did their minds and spirits. They had hope. They began to envision a better future.

Mai’s family, along with other community members, became curious about the Scripture inscribed on the Jesus Well. They visited the local church and began learning more about Jesus. Now, they dedicate their lives to Christ.

Mai’s is just one of hundreds of thousands of lives who have been transformed through Jesus Wells.

The power of water

Water well drilling provides access to clean water, which is a major step in breaking the cycle of poverty. Jesus Wells mean that women and children no longer have to walk long distances multiple times a day to gather water. This, and the fact that communities no longer suffer from waterborne illnesses, allows them to focus on working or going to school. And from those productive hours, they gain more income and a means to make a better life for themselves.

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