Types of Water Wells

How Can I Help Build a Water Well for Charity?

Approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide, predominantly in developing regions such as Asia and Africa, lack access to safe drinking water.1 They often resort to drinking contaminated water that can cause severe sickness and even death. One way to address this critical need is by providing water wells to communities in need. Numerous organizations are doing just that and offer you the opportunity to help build a water well for charity, and thus improve the lives of men, women and children suffering without clean water.

GFA World, for example, installs Jesus Wells, which can provide clean water for approximately 300 people per well and can last decades.

These wells save women and children from spending hours each day to collect water that may not even be safe to drink and protects individuals from waterborne diseases. This water is freely offered to all in the community, regardless of religious or social backgrounds, and is a testament of God’s love and care.

Over the past two decades, GFA World’s clean water initiatives have helped more than 38 million people gain access to clean water. Lives and communities have been changed. While GFA World’s efforts began in Asia, the ministry plans to expand its clean water initiatives into Africa. These areas include the “largest percentage of people that lack access to safe drinking water,” said National Geographic.2

One Jesus Well can transform a community.

Suhana lives near one of the first Jesus Wells that was ever installed, two decades ago.3 She watched the village steadily transform as the Jesus Well became part of the fabric of their community, bringing stability and health that enabled them to provide better lives for their children.

Contributing to a Jesus Well is a wise investment. GFA World works hard to keep costs low, using local materials and contractors, which also bolsters the local economy. While similar water well projects can cost several times as much, a Jesus Well can typically be drilled for only $1,400. These wells are dug deep below the surface and provide water year-round, even in times of drought. Equipped with durable handpumps, Jesus Wells are locally maintained by a pastor and his congregation who commit to its care, ensuring the wells remain in good working order for years to come, giving them the opportunity to impact multiple generations.

You can help provide a Jesus Well for a community in need today by visiting www.gfa.org/water/jesus-wells or calling 1-800-946-2742.

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