Types of Water Wells

How a Borewell Can Change a Village

Worldwide, 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water.1 They struggle to obtain the water needed daily for drinking, cooking, cleaning and irrigation. Many people in developing regions rely on surface water, but this water is frequently contaminated and can lead to waterborne diseases and death.2 Since water is essential to life, the lack of clean water can be grossly detrimental to lives and communities. Conversely, a properly built borewell, dug deep below the surface to access clean water year-round, can transform an entire community.

For example, GFA World has been installing borewells called “Jesus Wells” across Asia for more than 20 years as part of their efforts to serve the “least of these.”

More than 38 million people have been helped through GFA World’s clean water initiatives, which also includes BioSand water filters.

Suhana, as a new bride, moved to her husband’s village shortly after one of the first Jesus Wells was installed.3 She has seen first-hand its impact on the community over the span of two decades. Before the Jesus Well’s installation, the village faced many hardships related to water. Local ponds, which often evaporated during summer droughts, were the sole source of water for bathing, irrigation, cooking and drinking.

The Jesus Well provided consistent, clean water that became a stabilizing influence in the community.

Suhana joined others in the community collecting water from the well, which assisted them in many everyday tasks, such as watering crops and animals, washing dishes and cooking food. With the well in near proximity, Suhana didn’t have to waste extra time hauling water from a distant water source. It also helped her family meet their basic needs, which enabled Suhana and her husband to send their children to school rather than to work to earn extra income.

As the years went by, the community’s dependence on the Jesus Well grew, and the village steadily transformed. Children weren’t as sick and missed fewer days of school. People could grow their crops without leaving their homes to search for water. The Jesus Well had become part of the fabric of their community, bringing stability and health. No longer struggling just to survive, they could provide better futures for their children.

This is one example of one village that has been impacted by a Jesus Well.

In another village, 60-year-old Saverio trekked to the closest river every day to collect water for his daily needs.4

Not only was this a tiring chore for the aging man, but the water was unsafe for consumption and often made him sick. But it was the only water source in his village, so Saverio and his neighbors continued to use the contaminated river water. Then GFA missionaries installed a Jesus Well in the village, and the entire community gained access to clean water that was safe to drink. They no longer suffer the ill effects of drinking contaminated river water.

An inadequate water supply in another village brought severe sickness and dissension.5 Daily disagreements among residents caused unrest to dominate the community. A Jesus Well brought health and peace.

Likewise, Garjan’s village suffered from water scarcity and contamination that threatened people’s health and livelihoods.6 Waterborne disease sent Garjan and his wife to the hospital. The doctor’s remedy—drinking clean water—was impossible. The only water the couple had available was impure. Then Garjan’s village received a Jesus Well, and life changed for Garjan, his family and the entire village as they gained a chance to thrive.

The testimonies go on and on of how one Jesus Well can change an entire community.

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