Poverty Organizations

How Can I Donate to a Poverty Organization?

If you’re seeking to help your fellow man, you may be wondering how you can donate to a poverty organization. With millions living below the poverty line, the needs around the world are substantial. You can help these men, women and children by giving to numerous organizations that are making a difference.

Today, most organizations accept online donations, whether they’re one-time gifts or monthly support. Typically, you can also give over the phone or via mail. For monthly donations, you can often even set up automatic contributions that make giving easy. Not all gifts need be cash offerings. Many organizations accept gifts-in-kind or other non-cash gifts. If you are giving monetarily, some employers offer matching programs for charitable giving, so you may be able to multiple your impact.

Though there are many standard ways of giving, the specific methods and options will vary from organization to organization. A quick online search of your desired organization will likely yield a link to the organization’s website, where you can typically find more information on how to donate to that particular organization.

At GFA World’s website, for example, there is a prominent “donate” button at the top right of the homepage to direct you to the various ways you can donate and help transform impoverished lives and communities. You can also call 1-800-946-2742. To mail a donation by check, GFA World’s mailing address is 1116 St. Thomas Way; Wills Point, TX 75169.

GFA World has been serving “the least of these” since 1979, first in Asia and now also in Africa. GFA missionaries share Christ’s love in tangible ways, meeting practical needs and transforming lives.

Through GFA World, you can sponsor national missionaries, who are dedicated to meeting needs within their communities and impacting the men, women and children they serve. You can also sponsor an impoverished child, giving him or her the practical and education assistance they need to have a solid foundation for the future, even empower them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Supporting behind-the-scenes-missionaries, who enable the work on the field, is another sponsorship opportunity through GFA World.

There are also numerous opportunities for one-time donations. GFA World’s Christmas Gift Catalog is a popular option that allows you to select gifts such as goats, cows, chickens and sewing machines that empower families to earn a sustainable living and rise out of abject poverty. You can help a community or family in dire need of clean water through a Jesus Well or BioSand water filter.

You can also help support widows and abandoned children, who are often rejected and have no one to care for them. Likewise, leprosy patients are often scorned by others and need special care, which is offered by GFA World’s Sisters of Compassion. You can also help provide disaster relief or the gift of literacy.

The needs among the world’s poor are great, but so are the opportunities to make a difference.

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