Can You Help Me Know How to Break the Cycle of Poverty?

It is difficult to break the cycle of poverty without outside intervention. When this poverty cycle is not broken, the consequences will continue generation after generation.

To know how to break the cycle of poverty,
consider these key points:

Support education

When children go to school, learn to read and learn how to think, they are more likely to break the cycle of poverty. Education is important to create hope for the future. In many cultures, children are pulled out of school so they can work or beg. When education is valued, children gain skills and confidence.

Don’t forget about education for the adults as well. When parents learn to read and participate in their own lifelong learning, they often gain the skills needed to earn more money in their jobs. They are also more likely to encourage their children’s education.

Provide income-generating skills training

This is essential. Teaching someone who is living in poverty a new skill that they can use to provide for their family, gives them the opportunity to hope. It could be teaching someone to sew, farm, raise livestock, grow vegetables—the list goes on and on.

Foster encouragement

In many cultures, people living in the cycle of poverty don’t know how to dream of anything different. Encourage them to dream and hope. This encouragement comes from a support system. At GFA, this support system is often the local church, pastor, and national workers. These kind and supportive people bring hope to families and help them break out of the poverty mindset.

While breaking the cycle of poverty is difficult, it is not impossible. With the help of some supportive people and the willingness to dream, an organization like GFA can make a break in the poverty cycle and help people see a way out. Will you join us?