Why Is Breaking the Cycle of Poverty so Difficult, yet so Important?

Families in many parts of Asia and Africa are breaking the cycle of poverty. This is a difficult goal, but it is possible! Through the help of GFA and our partners, some of the most impoverished people in the world are learning how to break the cycle even though many have been entrenched in generations of poverty.

Take Tavleen for example. She was born into poverty, later married, and then became a widow at 55-years-old. She got a job cleaning, but couldn’t fully support her family. Her son and daughter even dropped out of school to help bring in income. Then someone showed up at Tavleen’s door and brought hope to her situation.

Pastor Chintan, a GFA pastor, thought differently of Tavleen than others did. Widows are often looked down upon, but the pastor knew that God loves widows in a special way. The pastor saw how much the family was struggling and worked out a way to help break that cycle of poverty. He arranged for Tavleen and her family to receive a water buffalo! It would provide milk for the family and they could sell the milk as well. The gift transformed her life and helped her break the cycle of poverty.

A simple poverty-alleviating gift can enable a family to rise out of the trenches of hopelessness—just like it did for Tavleen.

Yes, the cycle of poverty is difficult to break, but it’s essential to do so. Consider the people in your sphere of influence. How can you help them break the cycle? You may not buy them a water buffalo, but what can you do? Can you watch a single mother’s children while she takes a class at the local community college? Can you pay for school supplies for the struggling father’s kids to go to school? Can you pay for your neighbor’s groceries this week?

When we’re attentive to the needs around us, we can help break the cycle of poverty.