Why is Child Labor Bad

How Does Child Labor Affect the Child?

You may understand that child labor is bad, but you may ask, “How does child labor affect the child? Are there lasting impacts that follow that child into adulthood?” Here are a few answers:

Cognitive development is hindered.

During childhood, kids obtain the ability to learn, explore and reason. They begin to understand communication and how they interact with people. Children develop the skills to make thoughtful decisions. Without regular and consistent educational opportunities, this development is hindered.

Relational development is hindered.

As children interact with their peers, they develop relational skills that impact their teen and adult years. They learn how to develop friendships and gain interpersonal skills. Without education, this relational development is difficult to obtain.

Physical development is hindered.

The toll of severe injury, and even death, to kids involved in child labor is quite staggering. The International Labour Organization estimates 2.78 million work-related deaths annually among child laborers and 374 million injuries and illnesses. “Children and young workers are at greater risk and suffer disproportionately and with longer-lasting consequences,” says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.1 The World Bank agrees with the severity. They estimate that 10 percent of all child labor-related injuries are crushing accidents, amputations and fractures.2

Spiritual development is hindered.

Children who are stuck in the fields, the factory or elsewhere by child labor are hindered from attending church and learning about their spiritual lives.

GFA World creates positive alternatives for desperate parents who are tempted to take advantage of child labor opportunities so they can provide for their families. We minister to the needs of the families and show them God’s love. Through our child sponsorship program, we help provide for basic needs so child labor isn’t needed. Children and their families may receive essentials such as nutritious food, educational help, clean water and more. Through the program, children gain a proper education and that empowers them escape from the grip of poverty.

Forced labor or early employment for children hinders their development. Will you join us in giving families a positive alternative for their kids? Together we can save children from forced labor. Your sponsorship provides help and hope. Join us today!

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