What Is Water Stress?

When considering, “what is water stress,” there are many definitions proposed by organizations and researchers. The CEO Water Mandate defines water #stress as the “ability, or lack thereof, to meet human and ecological demand for fresh water.”1

The European Environment Agency says:

“Water #stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use.”2

Water #stress can occur anywhere in the world—both in developing countries and developed countries, rural areas and urban areas. Wherever there are people without access to clean water, there is water #stress.

GFA World is committed to micro-solutions to curing water stress. In needy communities in Asia and soon, Africa, GFA is digging wells and providing BioSand water filters for communities. The water wells are dug deep enough to provide clean water year-round, even in seasons of drought, and are maintained by local pastors and churches in the community. Each well has a heavy-duty handpump like the Inia Mark II model. The pump will operate 20 million cycles. A Jesus Well provides clean drinking water to approximately 300 people for 10 to 20 years. What a good investment!

BioSand water filters are also provided to needy families to filter water in their homes. These filters clean dirty water of impurities so the water is 98% pure. This allows families who are not welcome at their local wells or live in an area without a well to have access to clean water for drinking and cooking.

The impact of these solutions to water stress is undeniable. This life-giving water helps release parents and children from disease, poverty and death.

Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters save lives… all while showing people the love of God.

1 https://ceowatermandate.org/posts/water-scarcity-water-stress-water-risk-actually-mean/
2 https://www.eea.europa.eu/archived/archived-content-water-topic/wise-help-centre/glossary-definitions/water-stress