How to Fix Illiteracy

What Do Organizations Know about How to Combat Illiteracy?

When it comes to knowing how to combat illiteracy, organizations and governments have learned a lot about effective approaches both for children and adults.

Children who live in poverty often have illiterate parents. Reading and writing can lead to better-paying jobs and a chance to break out of poverty. Without these skills, many parents are left doing manual day labor jobs, such as brick-making or agricultural labor in fields. Rarely are these jobs enough to maintain expenses for basic needs let alone enough to support a family in the traditional way.

This is why children are often taken out of school. There is no money for school expenses, so children are left to fend for themselves at home or on the streets while their parents are at work. They may also be taken out of school to care for other siblings or even to start work themselves. This is where organizations can intervene and disrupt the cyclical nature of illiteracy by helping to keep children in school.

GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program is a key strategy in the fight against illiteracy. When a child is sponsored, the child and their family receive key resources and support which helps keep the child in school. Resources like clean water, medical care, nutritious food and tutoring assistance can make a huge difference in a child getting educated and being able to break the cycle of poverty.

You can become part of the solution of illiteracy by sponsoring one of these precious children. Only costing $35 a month, your monthly gift can help provide the key support for children who may otherwise be roaming the streets or plowing a field. These children will be able to stay in school, something their parents maybe never have had the opportunity to do. By staying in school, they will be able to learn to read and write and so much more. These are the keys to stepping out of poverty and into higher education or skills-based careers. This releases their own children, and hopefully generations to come, from illiteracy and poverty.

Be the hope and future of a child today by sponsoring them. GFA workers are ready in Asia and Africa to love these children and serve them with basic needs that will make a lasting difference. You will be blessing the child, the family and the community. The more children sponsored means the more communities and economies strengthened. Sponsoring a child for $35 a month could mean more than you can imagine.

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