Helping the Poor

How Can I Donate to the Poor?

There are many needs in the world, both nearby and abroad. Awareness of these needs may very well stir compassion in your heart, accompanied by a desire to respond in some way. If you desire to help meet these needs, you may be wondering how you can donate to the poor.

While there are opportunities to give directly to the poor, such as handing money to someone on a street corner, this method comes with some inherent risks—and trust in the Lord. How do you know the person is genuinely in need? In what way will your money be used?

You may personally know someone in need. If so, you can look for ways to help meet that person’s needs, perhaps through the provision of groceries or other financial assistance.

You can also give to the poor through a trustworthy non-profit organization that has proven its effectiveness. GFA World, for example, has been serving “the least of these” since 1979. Formerly known as Gospel for Asia, GFA World began its work in Asia and recently expanded to Africa. Lives and communities have been transformed through Christ’s love, which has been shared in many practical ways by GFA national missionaries.

GFA missionaries, who serve as the hands and feet of Christ, live among the communities they serve. As such, they are familiar with the people and are uniquely positioned to help meet their needs. GFA missionaries also work with local government leaders to determine the most urgent needs within a specific community.

There are various avenues through which GFA missionaries practically help people in need, including clean water initiatives, providing vocational training and income-generating gifts, installing sanitation facilities and organizing adult literacy classes. GFA World helps empower families to improve their lives and their communities. GFA missionaries also offer spiritual support and are readily available when individuals need prayer or encouragement from God’s Word.

You can trust that your donation to GFA World will truly help the poor and impact lives. GFA World is firmly committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to it, seeking to honor Christ with that financial stewardship and how the organization shares His message of grace and mercy.

Calvary Chapel pastor Chip Lusko has known GFA World founder, K.P. Yohannan, and the ministry for nearly 40 years and has witnessed ministry efforts first-hand.

“I have been to … villages where they minister to those with leprosy, water projects, hospitals, churches and so much more,” said Lusko. “Gospel for Asia has had a phenomenal impact on an area of the world with tremendous needs. I cannot state too strongly how much I endorse the people of GFA, their mission and their vision for the future.”1

As a ministry, GFA World is committed to honoring the Lord and donors’ generosity by investing the maximum amount possible into programs that benefit people in spiritual and physical need throughout the world in Christ’s name. Committed to financial integrity, GFA World has an ongoing process of internal review and actively works to update internal systems and procedures to meet best practices for Christian charities.

1 “Financial Integrity & Gospel for Asia.” GFA World. Accessed November 3, 2021.