Child Slavery

What Are GFA World’s Solutions to Child Slavery?

GFA World has been participating in solutions to child slavery for decades. We seek to serve the “least of these” in Asia and Africa where child slavery and labor are prevalent.

Here are some effective solutions we have developed:

Poverty Alleviation – Since poverty is the root cause of much of child slavery, many of our programs invest in helping families who live in extreme poverty. When some financial stress if relieved from the family, there is less likelihood of a parent selling his or her child into slavery.

Literacy and Vocational Education – When adults don’t know how to read, it is a hindrance to their daily life and income potential. It leaves them vulnerable to predators, including entrapping their children into slavery or labor. GFA’s literacy and vocational training classes equip participants with skills that can be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. They learn entrepreneurial skills so they are qualified for higher levels of employment. GFA provides them with gifts to help them in their new endeavors—fishing nets, sewing machines and rickshaws, for example.

Farm Animals – When a family in rural Asia or Africa receives a farm animal, it can be lifechanging. Chickens, goats and cattle not only provide meat, but also milk or eggs that can be sold at the market or used to feed their family. They can also breed the animals and expand their farm and sell offspring.

Jesus Wells – Women and children in Africa and Asia spend hours fetching water every day. This leaves them vulnerable to traffickers and also keeps children away from school. Jesus Wells are clean water wells installed in communities that need them most. One well can supply as many as 300 people with clean water for up to 20 years!

Child Sponsorship – Children and their families receive assistance such as clean water, tutoring help and medical care. These solutions help relieve financial pressure from parents, allowing the children to stay in school.

Consider supporting our efforts to end child slavery today. Your gift provides hope and help that keeps children away from slavery.

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