Causes of Poverty

What Are the Bridges Out of Poverty?

The bridges out of poverty connect the causes of poverty with the solutions. There are numerous causes of poverty, but we have selected four of the most prevalent: lack of basic necessities, lack of educational training, lack of income-producing skills or available jobs, and lack of disaster-relief resources. Each cause of poverty has been extensively studied by numerous organizations, and the proven bridges out of poverty have been identified and tested.

“Since 1990, nearly 1.1 billion people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty.”Taking on Inequality: Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016. The World Bank.

What a wonderful statistic! We’re grateful that God has used GFA World to help create solutions to poverty in Asia and Africa, providing lasting change for numerous communities. Will you join us as we seek to continue building these valuable bridges?

GFA World is committed to helping communities that struggle with poverty build a bridge to lasting relief and true economic change. Let’s dig into one cause of poverty and the bridge that helps people walk out of their situation and find hope.

Lack of Basic Necessities

One of the main causes of poverty is the lack of basic necessities—a safe shelter, clean water, nutritious food and medical care. GFA World provides clean water wells, water filters and toilets to help entire communities. Through it’s child sponsorship program, a bridge of hope is provided to tens of thousands of needy children and their community, who are given access to community-wide solutions against poverty.

But solutions to poverty don’t stop there. The program provides children with opportunities to pursue and excel in their interests and skills. This gives children hope for a better future, where they can provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty. When a child or teen learns an income-generating skill or trade which they can use as an adult, their future changes! They now have the skills and training to provide income for their families in the days ahead. It gives them the ability to dream of the future!

Staff of GFA World’s child sponsorship program maintain relationships with the parents and children and offer them counsel, encouragement and, ultimately, give them hope. These programs provide valuable roads out of poverty!