61,880 Women Learned to Read and Write in 2018!

Asha walked several miles to school everyday as a child, only to be mocked by other children because of her impoverished life. After the horrible event of a teacher beating her with a stick, for simply not having enough paper to finish an assignment, Asha decided that an education wasn’t worth the pain and humility she constantly endured. She never returned to school after the incident of abuse. It wasn’t until she attended GFA-supported literacy training classes that she was able finish learning to read and write.

Through your support of Gospel for Asia’s literacy training, women like Asha are being given a new beginning, as well as the dignity that being literate carries around the world.

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61,880 Women Learned to Read and Write in 2018!

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In 2018, 61,880 women learned to read and write through Gospel for Asia supported Literacy training. Asha is one woman who got to go through this program and she had grown up in a family that went without the most basic needs.

She would walk several miles to school in tattered clothes that she felt self-conscious about and children would mock her, and then one day she couldn’t complete an assignment because she didn’t have enough paper and her teacher beat her with a stick and she never went back.

And then when the church began literacy training, she finally had that new opportunity. So a student in literacy training is handed a book, that says “a new beginning” on the cover and it really is a new beginning for these women.

They learn their ABCs, and basic math, and they’re taught important values through Bible Stories and given introduction to hygiene and first aid, and all kinds of concepts that they’ve never learned before. Day by day through the pages of these workbooks, these women’s lives are changed and it really is the whole new beginning.

Through people like you, we are making a difference for women like Asha, On their behalf, thank you.