How Can I Help Missionary Work in Africa?

Missionary work in Africa is an ongoing venture, as laborers work to share the good news with millions of people in need on the continent. There are 1.4 billion people living in Africa, accounting for 17.62% of the world’s total population.[1][2] After Asia, Africa is the second largest continent. Even with increasing global urbanization of people moving from the country into cities, it remains a mostly rural continent. The standard of living for most of Africa is well below international averages with life expectancies way under 60 years in most cases.[3] Large portions of the population do not have proper sanitation or medical care, and the water supply is inadequate for many people.[4] On top of that, about 282 million people in Africa were experiencing hunger as of 2020, and the worldwide events of recent years have only intensified the problem.[5]

GFA World has over 40 years of experience in ministry working in South Asia and is now expanding its work into Africa. The African headquarters are being established in Kigali, Rwanda, where the first GFA church has already been launched with several hundred believers meeting and worshiping together. Besides the church, we have also set up a new branch of our child sponsorship program in Kigali, which, among other things, makes sure poor children get an education—one of the main keys to breaking out of the cycle of poverty. This is an amazing ministry because 32 million children do not attend school in sub-Saharan Africa.[6]

GFA’s African ministry is highly focused on meeting the tangible needs of people and bringing the Gospel to those who need it most, just as it is in South Asia. This is done by addressing the most vital needs, such as inadequate healthcare and a lack of available clean water. GFA is in the process of being able to train national missionaries—such as the women of the Sisters of Compassion (specially trained women missionaries who serve in areas of crisis like slums and leprosy colonies) to address these and many other needs.[7]

This is extensive work that has been initiated, and there are many resources needed to continue the growth of the ministry. GFA World is continuing to work on getting further established in Rwanda and making plans to spread out across neighboring countries like Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.[8]

Consider donating to GFA World through our website to help our efforts in Africa continue, and please pray for GFA and the people we will encounter through our work in Africa.

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