Missionaries in Africa

What Does GFA’s Missionary Involvement in Africa Look Like?

GFA World has recently established its missionary involvement in Africa, starting with a branch of GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program in Kigali, Rwanda in March 2021. From there, we are planning on spreading out to additional African nations in the next few years. The mission of GFA is the same heading into Africa as it has been in South Asia for the last 40 years: to meet the tangible needs of people and to show the love of God to those who need it most.[1]

Our goal is to partner with local officials to meet some of Africa’s most pressing needs, and sharing the love of Christ as we do it. Over a million people have died of preventable and treatable diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV-related illnesses;[2] therefore, work has begun in order to initiate a medical ministry with healthcare training seminars, medical camps, vitamins, supplements and deworming tablets.[3]

Precipitation and water distribution vary between countries, making Africa a very dry continent. More than a fourth of the people in Africa have no access to safe drinking water.[4] This makes GFA’s clean water projects, like Jesus wells, even more important. Wells have already been installed in Rwanda, serving hundreds of people a day.

Education is often sacrificed in poverty-stricken areas for immediate relief of conditions like food insecurity, but receiving an education is one of the keys to breaking out of poverty. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 32 million kids do not attend school, which is why GFA’s child sponsorship program is a vital part of the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty.[5]

Medical ministry, water and education are just the beginning of the ministries GFA World is planning to establish in Africa. Plans for future ministry include broadcasting the Good News, women’s empowerment, income generating gifts and youth ministries.[6] These ministries meet other vital needs in the communities where GFA World is serving. The coming training center for national missionaries will raise up missionaries who are passionate sharing the Good News and establishing churches among people who do not yet know Christ.

Consider donating to and praying for GFA’s growing ministry in Africa as we get further established in Rwanda and begin spreading out to neighboring countries. Even something small can make a huge difference in bringing the Gospel to people who have not yet heard the name of Jesus in Africa.

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