An Income-Generating Gift for Taden

In South Asia, it is utterly amazing what only a single animal can do be an income generating gift for an individual or family! However, for the impoverished, obtaining an animal is almost impossible.

Through Gospel for Asia and generous partners around the globe, this impossibility has become a reality for many in South Asia. GFA’s Christmas Gift Distribution has provided many individuals and families with animals and other resources, making it possible to earn an income and provide for themselves and others.

In this video, a father named Taden shares how a GFA Christmas Gift changed his and his family’s life for years to come.

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An Income-Generating Gift for Taden

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Taden, Christmas Cow Recipient: “I was helpless! I used to feel very angry and sad with myself because of the situation I was in.”

Jamini, Taden’s Mother: “I was left alone, and I had no hope when my husband passed away. I was thinking about my children’s future. Wondering how could I feed them? How could I raise them? I was very worried during those days.”

Dayal Thomas, GFA Field Leader: “People here don’t have job opportunities because the only source of income is agriculture.”

Taden: “I always felt that I needed to provide for my wife and children, but I was helpless. I used to feel very angry and sad with myself because of the situation I was in.”

Pastor Naimish, GFA Pastor: “When I first met Taden’s family, I learned that they were struggling financially. Each year they had to migrate to another state to find work. As a result, his children were not able to attend school.”

Taden: “When I traveled to another state to cut sugarcane, we would stay there for up to six months. We would only earn just over a hundred dollars for the whole period. It was very difficult work, and we were not happy with it. I would think about my children, about what kind of future they could have when we were so unsettled. I was always conflicted about how I could help my children. The first time that I met pastor Naimish was a wonderful encounter for me! I had a sense of peace when I talked to him. He became a mentor for me. I can say that my life has changed 100 percent because of Pastor Naimish. When he came, I felt as if God had come to meet me. When Pastor name has told us about the gift of a cow, we were really overjoyed! We did not have to go to another state to work anymore. Because we were able to manage our life with the money that came from the cow. I was really happy in my heart, and from that moment onwards, I had the confidence that my days are going to be better. My life was going to improve, and I could have hope for a better future.”

Pastor Naimish: “I had great joy in giving the cow to Taden. Because I knew that from now on, he would not have to go to another state; and his children wouldn’t have to suffer.”

Jamini: “After having received the gift, we were really blessed! Our life became so much different from what we thought our future would be.”

Dayal Thomas: “But these kinds of small gifts may not solve their problems overnight, but they give a boost to them. They give a hope, okay there is another source of income.”

Taden: “The cow gives us around a gallon of milk every day, and we would earn about $1 from the milk. This was enough income to send our children to school, to buy books for them, to buy a little food, and have a better life than what we previously used to have.”

Dayal Thomas: “So whatever gifts we give them from the church, becomes a means of helping them escape from the cycle of poverty.”

Taden: “After getting the cow, we stopped migrating out of state for work. The money we earned from the cow really helped us settle down here in our own hometown and take care of our family.”

Pastor Naimish: “So far in this village, we have given 6 cows, 5 water buffaloes. 6 families have received goats. 50 people have received mosquito nets, and another 50 have received blankets. That is how we’ve helped people in our village with different Christmas gifts. We’ve also given some sewing machines to people, and they’ve started sewing clothes for their neighbors, and are earning income from sewing. Through giving gifts we are able to show the love of Christ to the people.”

Taden: “We can’t thank you enough for all the sacrificial gifts that you have given to our people here. Your gifts are really making a difference for the kingdom of God. I would like to thank those who have made it possible for me to receive a cow as a gift. My life has definitely been blessed 100 percent. And my wish for those who helped me, is that they would prosper and God would bless them! I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart.”