A Father’s Plea for His Children

Amar is desperate to give his children better lives—he longs for them to break out of the cycle of poverty that he’s been stuck in. He says, “Sometimes I sit and cry when I think about the condition of my family.”

Help forgotten children like these through the Unsponsored Children’s Fund—providing food, education, and medical care, all in the name of our Lord.

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A Father’s Plea for His Children

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“I feel very frustrated when I see my children and I see that I’m not able to provide them with decent food and clothing. Sometimes, they run around half naked. Sometimes, I sit and cry when I think about the condition of my family. It makes me sad and frustrated. I am stuck in a cycle of poverty. It is my hope that my children can somehow break out of this cycle, but only through education is that possible. With an education, my children could get better jobs and make something of themselves. They could do so much better than I’ve been able to, but only if somehow they can get an education.”

This father’s story repeats itself over and over again. A father longing to give his family a better life, yet struggling to put food on the table. Millions of children like these are trapped in a life without hope. Access to an education can help them break out of this generational cycle. Without it, their chances for a better life are almost nonexistent.

Gospel for Asia and K.P. Yohannan invite you to help these children with an education, purpose and dignity. GFA’s Bridge of Hope program helps as many children as possible by providing nutritious food, medical care, and free education; all in the name of Jesus.

“It’s an awesome privilege just to be with these precious children from the Bridge of Hope center here. We are able to help 82,000 children in the subcontinent, precious children like these. But then what is that when you think about 62 million that are looking for hope in the slums and streets? My heart cries out for these children. What do you do when some kid comes up and says, ‘Will you please take me to be part of your Bridge of Hope program?’ You can’t say no. And we say, ‘Come and join us.’ And we have thousands right now that don’t have any sponsors. May I plead with you to please join us in giving funds for the Unsponsored Children this year? And someday, a huge dream will be realized, half a million children someday that we’ll be able to help and give them hope for a better future, and we do that in the name of our Lord.”

You can help bring hope to these precious children today.