Empowering Widows with Goats

Empowering Widows with Goats: The Path to Transformation

In the intricate fabric of life’s narrative, Kacia’s journey, a widow burdened by sorrow, emerges as a testament to human resilience and the transformative impact of compassion. As the weight of her husband’s passing settled upon her shoulders, she found herself navigating a sea of uncertainty, her days punctuated by the struggle to provide for her needs. In the midst of this challenging chapter, a guiding light emerged in the form of a GFA World national missionary pastor, extending a hand of support and hope. It was through this connection that the seeds of change were sown, nurturing the promise of a brighter tomorrow. A cornerstone of this transformation lay in the thoughtful gift of income-generating farm animals like goats, a simple yet profound gesture that would ultimately shape the trajectory of Kacia’s life. As we delve into her inspiring narrative, we uncover the profound ripple effects of empowerment and upliftment, as well as the vital role played by GFA World’s mission to break the cycle of adversity and pave the way for newfound opportunities.

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Empowering Widows with Goats: The Path to Transformation

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Kacia, a widow: “I was deeply saddened at the time my husband passed away. I had to take care of myself. All I could do was trust God to take me day by day. Because my husband was dead, I had to somehow provide for my needs. I needed to purchase rice and oil and different things from the market, and I had to put clothes on my back.”

Dayal Thomas, Regional Field Leader: “When she lost her husband, she suddenly realized that there is no money coming in for her household needs. She doesn’t have kids to take care of her. She will have to live her life in her own strength. And that led her into a very depressing kind of situation, uncertain and not knowing how she’s going to live the next day.”

Kacia: “I couldn’t do a lot of labor work because of my age. If I try to work in the fields, my body hurts. I get a lot of pain in my knees. So I’m not able to do that kind of hard work. I had some land, which I asked someone else to cultivate for me. My only income was from my share of the crops. I have been a believer for the last nine years, and it was four years back when my husband passed away. When he died, the pastor and his wife and the church members came and comforted me, prayed for me, and helped me to face the difficult situation. Because of their encouragement, I really felt good in my heart, and I found strength during that time. When I heard I was going to receive a gift of a goat, I was very much pleased. That gave me hope that I could somehow carry on. I would be able to manage my house with the income from the goat. After a year, my goat gave birth to a couple of male goats, which grew up and were sold. Over the next two years, she had seven more kid goats, which I have since sold. Presently, I have four goats. If I hadn’t received the goat, I’m not sure if I would have survived.”

Dayal Thomas: “And she started to sell off the goat into the market as and when she needed money. So the income that you started coming in helped her to eat food every day, to take care of her own needs. She did not have to beg for food to her neighbors. And it was kind of self-sustaining her.”

Kacia: “When I get up in the morning, the goats start crying for grass. Whatever grass I have collected from the previous day, I feed them. Then I go searching for more grass. And once I have enough, I bring it back home to them. I also give them water twice a day. I get water from the Jesus well that is very close to my house. I am thankful to those who helped me to get a goat, and I’m really grateful in my heart and really appreciate the gift. And I thank you. There are a lot of families in this region that also need help, and they would really appreciate a gift of a goat, too.”