Empowering Illiterate Women

Empowering Illiterate Women: Breaking Barriers Through Literacy

In numerous regions of Asia, a considerable number of women face the challenge of illiteracy, impacting various aspects of their daily lives. Their inability to read leaves them vulnerable to unfair contracts, financial exploitation, and limited access to critical information. This issue is particularly significant for women in GFA-supported churches, as they are unable to read the Bible for themselves, hindering their spiritual growth. Through our ministry, we are striving to bring positive change by providing literacy programs that are empowering illiterate women in developing nations. With the ability to read, they gain confidence and the means to protect themselves from exploitation.

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Empowering Illiterate Women: Breaking Barriers Through Literacy

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There are over 250 million women in Asia alone who are illiterate. Because they can’t read, these women face many difficulties. They can’t understand the bad contracts they sign. And they are often being cheated in the marketplace because they can’t even do basic math. And worst of all, many women in GFA-supported churches struggle because they can’t even read God’s Word for themselves. Even if they wanted to read, there is no way for them to learn how. Until now.

Through our ministry, women in developing nations are learning to read. The ability to read and understand for themselves also gives these women the confidence to refuse unfair contracts, whether they’re from loan officers or abusive employers. They are no longer being cheated in the marketplace, because they’re also learning basic math skills. And best of all, as the illiterate women in our churches learn to read, they’re able to read the Bible for themselves. Just imagine the joy they experience as God’s Word is opening up for them for the very first time in their lives.

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