Donate Clean Water to Communities

Why Is Clean Water Important?

Humans rely on nutritious food, safe shelter and water for health and survival. But why is clean water important?

  • Personal — Clean drinking water helps keep individuals healthy and hydrated. Clean water is also utilized for bathing, brushing teeth and other hygienic tasks.
  • Domestic — People use clean water for household cleaning, cooking and other domestic tasks.
  • Agricultural — Clean water helps farmers irrigate crops and water livestock.

Clean water is a life-saving resource for individuals and communities worldwide. In fact, in 2010, the United Nations General Assembly declared that “clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights.” In light of the importance of clean water, the UN’s resolution instructs international governments and organizations “to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.”1

Access to clean water is a human right, but many people do not have such access. For people in areas with limited access to water, even visibly contaminated water may be used for bathing, cleaning dishes and even drinking. Many families do not have another option.

Whether water is visibly contaminated or contaminated by microscopic pollutants undetectable by the human eye, unclean water can expose communities to harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic or excessive levels of fluoride or dangerous microorganisms such as rotavirus, cholera, dysentery or human waste. Any water pollutants can cause health complications, illness or even death. According to the World Health Organization, a staggering

“829,000 people die each year from diarrhea because of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation, and hand hygiene.”1

Accessible clean water promotes individual and communal health, reduces stress about daily tasks and helps communities thrive.

GFA World recognizes that clean water is a human right and a crucial resource. For decades, GFA World has provided resources to communities in Asia, and more recently in Africa. These resources include clean water through Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters.

Jesus Wells can be a life-saving resource for many families to protect them from dehydration, lack of sanitation and even severe disease. Jesus Wells can last up to 20 years and provide water for approximately 300 people a day.

BioSand water filters remove impurities such as harmful water-borne bacteria, harmful chemicals and more. They can last up to 20 years and ensure water is 98 percent pure.

Please support GFA World in bringing thousands of Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters that supply life-giving clean water to people in need.

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