Donate Clean Water to Communities

How Does Water Well Donation in Africa and Other Countries Help Communities?

According to the United Nations, “In sub-Saharan Africa, only 24 percent of the population have access to safe drinking water.”1 The UN also estimates that over half of the people in the world that do not have safe drinking water live in Africa.1 Unsafe drinking water has steep consequences, which is why water well donation in Africa is so beneficial.

For many people facing water scarcity, even visibly contaminated water may be used for bathing, cleaning dishes and even drinking. Many contaminants are microscopic, undetectable by the human eye. Either way, contaminated water poses a serious health risk and can lead to death. Polluted water can also cause infection and disease that prevents adults from working to provide for their families and hinders children from attending school.

Clean water is a fundamental human need, but many African communities do not have safe and accessible drinking water.

Water well donation in Africa: helping communities in need.

GFA World partners with donors worldwide to build Jesus Wells for communities in need. GFA World hires local contractors to construct Jesus Wells in local communities. The built well is ensured to provide water that is clean, protected and available year-round, regardless of drought or extreme heat. GFA hopes to soon begin constructing Jesus Wells in Africa.

Jesus Wells can last up to 20 years, and they can provide water for approximately 300 people a day.

Every Jesus Well is maintained by a local church community. GFA pastors, missionaries and other local believers monitor the well for damage, make minor repairs, and maintain the well and the area immediately surrounding it. A Jesus Well provides safe, accessible drinking water for the entire community and offers believers opportunities to minister to people in the village.

Do you want to bring hope and help to a community in need of clean water? Please consider donating to GFA World’s efforts to deliver life-saving Jesus Wells to impoverished communities. Click here for more information:

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