Donate Clean Water to Communities

What Is Water Well Donation?

Water well donation provides safe, accessible drinking water to those who need it most.

Many impoverished communities rely on surface water from ponds, lakes and reservoirs for their daily water needs. This surface water is often unsanitary and can expose communities to contaminants such as harmful chemicals, waterborne diseases and human waste.

GFA World partners with donors to build wells in communities throughout Asia, with hopes to soon expand efforts into Africa. Donations pay for the salaries, transportation and supplies for local contractors to install a well. Contractors dig the well, called a Jesus Well, up to 600 feet underground.

Installed in or near villages, these wells save women and children time-consuming daily journeys to collect water from distant sources. Instead, women can use this time to work or take care of their children and homes, and children can regularly attend school.

Without donor gifts, these time saving and even life-giving wells would not be possible. For decades GFA World has helped provide water solutions for communities in Asia. Jesus Wells provide clean and accessible water for people like Vimal.1

Vimal and his family lived in an agrarian village. Here, the water sources were once limited to surface water from small ponds or a well nearly a mile away. Farmers used the small ponds to irrigate their crops; women and children took up to five trips a day to collect water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning.

From March to May, high heat and limited rainfall created drought-like conditions that dried up the surface water used for irrigation. With other water sources expended, everyone in the village had to use the distant well. But the water was not clean, and some people got sick and even died from drinking the contaminated water.

Then GFA pastor Bharit began ministering to the people in Vimal’s village. The believers knew that the village’s greatest need was clean water to grow their crops and keep their community healthy, so they prayed for clean water.

After a few years of dedicated prayer, GFA World drilled a well inside Vimal’s village. The Jesus Well gave the village access to clean water with only a short walk. Drilled deep underground, the well offers water even during seasonal drought, so Vimal and other farmers can easily water their crops year-round. The well is a source of hope for the entire village.

A Jesus Well can be life-changing for families without access to clean water. Please consider sponsoring a Jesus Well so that impoverished families can have safe, accessible drinking water for years to come.

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1 “Jesus Well Relieves Water Crisis.” GFA World. March 2019.