12,243 BioSand Water Filters Given in 2019 – Gospel for Asia Annual Report

She used to gather water from a pig pond—now her whole family drinks clean water because of a BioSand water filter! Hear Elicia, a behind-the-scenes missionary at Gospel for Asia, share the story of Sabeena and how these filters are changing lives.

BioSand water filters are simple, sturdy and, above all, efficient. Built from concrete and filled with sand, rocks and gravel, these simple structures remove 98 percent of biological impurities.

When water is accessible but dangerous to drink, BioSand water filters enable a family to purify dirty water, making it drinkable and safe to use.

When clean water is available to these families, they are protected from dangerous illnesses and can live healthier lives. Thank you for helping make this happen.

Our numbers represent the Lord’s work in 2019 through GFA and our partnerships worldwide as we follow Him in His work in 16 Asian nations, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Gospel for Asia’s 2019 Annual Report: https://www.gfa.org/special-report/2019/

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In 2019, GFA gave out more than 12,000 BioSand water filters to needy families in Asia. That is so exciting. These filters are really simple, it’s a concrete box filled with sand, gravel and rocks, and that actually is able to filter out—without electricity—98 percent of impurities in dirty water. So these are amazing for families that maybe have water, but it’s just not clean enough to drink.

Water was a painful part of Sabeena’s life. She would just go to this pond where pigs would bathe, and she would gather her water there and bring it back. Her children were still getting sick. But one day she was visiting a friend who was a Christian, and this friend had a BioSand water filter in her home. So Sabeena asked, “Where did you get that?” “Can I get one too?”

And the pastor found out about that, and he arranged for Sabeena to get one of these filters. And when the team came to install it in her home, when they were talking with her, they prayed for her and her family. And God answered their prayers. They were being healed from the illnesses they had because of the dirty water.

Since we started doing these water filters, GFA has been able to give out more than 73,000 of them. It’s amazing to think about how much of an impact one water filter can have on one family; the health they have, the dignity they have, because of this clean water. I’m just so thankful for people like you who make it possible for GFA to give this clean water to people in need.